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about us -Denkich iWorks Profile


 R/C shop Denkichi Works started its business with a desire to be of serve for all R/C fans who eager to get higher performance and control techniques in order to enjoy R/C world ultimately. 

Denkichi Works is the specialty shop of radio control models, mainly dealing 3D and acrobatic helicopters, planes, and related-parts/equipment. Especially we emphasis large-size electric helicopters and airplanes equipped with a gas engine. Besides store-bought brand kits, we develop our own original brand products designed to respond to various needs: To enhance performance and durability of the models, to customize them from engine spec to battery spec, to create complete models equipped with those original parts, etc.


Our policy is to be user/customer-friendly. We ourselves check the quality/performance of products, and we severely select the best items for sales. We also respond to customers' questions and requests as much as possible:

“It’s difficult to choose the best engine/parts for the model in oder to derive the best performance.”

“It’s hard to find and get good models and parts I really need.”

“I cannot get accurate information or advises about how to use the product.”

“Many R/C shops have little ability to advise exactly when breakdowns and failures happen.”

“I want more interesting things than commercial kits. I want to customize my model to make it unique.”

If you have those feelings, don’t hesitate to visit us.


 Shop Name

 Denkichi Works

 Date of Foundation



 Midori Koyama

 Shop Manager



 I 5630-347 Sasagawa, Tonosho-machi, Katori-gun, Chiba pref., (zip code) 2890601, JAPAN


 International call:  +81 478-79-9073

 Domestic call:   0478-79-9073


 International call:  +81 478-79-9074

 Domestic call:   0478-79-9074



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    We'll welcom any questions/requests/suggestions anytime, no matter in which English or Japanese.  

    Please feel free to contact us !   → mail  Inquiry Form.